Breakup Quotes

Breakup Quotes
Love is the hardest habit to break
And The Most Difficult To Satisfy.
Agar Mujhe Rulakar tum Khush Ho
To Mai Sari Zindagi Rone K Liye Tyar Hu
We Started With a Simple HELLO
But ended with a Complicated GOODBYE.
I Don’t Miss Him
I Just Miss Who I Thought He Was.
One of the most difficult tasks in Life is
Removing Someone in your Heart
My Silence Is Just Another Word
For My Pain

Heart Break Quotes

Heart Touching Quotes
Tu Mohabbat Se Koi Chal To Chal
Har Jane Ka Hosla Hai Mujhme
Ki Bahuton Ko Thukra Kar Maine Tujhe Apna Banaya Tha,
Afsos Hai Mujhe Is Bat Ka Ki Maine Tujhse Dil Lagaya Tha
Sikko Ki Khanak Sun, Aashiq Badalne Ko Jo Tu Har Waqt Tyyar Hai,
Ye Waqt Ka Takaza Hai, Ya Khandani Vyapar Hai
Is Daur K Logo Me Wafa Dhoond Rahe Ho
Bade Nadan Ho Sahab Jahar Ki Shishi Me Dwa Dhund Rahe Ho
I hate Getting Flashbacks From thing
I Don’t Want To Remember
Nothing Hearts More Than Realizing 
He Meant Everything To You
And You Meant Nothing To Him

Revenge Quotes

Revenge Quotes
No More Tears Now
I Will Think About Revenge
The Best Revenge Is To Show Your EX- Lover
That Life Is Better After They’re Gone
Your Success Is The Best Revenge
Sometimes The Best Revenge 
Is To Smile And Move On
My Silence Is Not My Weakness
But The Beginning Of My Revenge
You Broke My Heart Into Thousand Pieces,
And Now Every Pieces Of My Heart Promised Me To Never Love You Again

Cheat Quotes

Cheat QUotes
I Am Proud Of My Heart
It’s Been Played, Stabbed, Cheated, Burned, And Broken
But Somehow It Still Works.
Trust Is Like A Paper
Once It’s Crumbled
 It Can’t Be Perfect.
Something I learned About People
If They Do It Once,
They Do It Again
Behind Every Untrusting Girl 
Is A Boy Who Made Her That Way.
A Mistake Is An Accident
Cheating And Lying Are Not Mistakes
They Are Intentional Choices.
If You Cheat Someone Who Is Willing To Do Anything For You,
You Actually Cheated Yourself Out Of True Loyalty

Emotional Quotes In Hindi

Emotional Quotes In Hindi
Meri Zindagi Me Tum Wo Kata Ho
Jo Chubhta Bhi Bahut Hai
Par Mujhe Pyara Bhi Bahut Hai
Teri Meri Soch Me Bas Itna Sa Fark Hai
Maine Tujhe Sabse Alag Samjha
Aur Tune Mujhe Sab Ke Jaisa
Dard Ko Dard Ne Dua Ye Di
Tu Sada Khush Rhe Chahe Rahe Kahi Bhi
Ankhen Talab Nahi Fir Bhi Bhar Aati Hai
Dil Kanch Nahi Fir Bhi Tut Jata Hai
Aur Insan Mausam Nahi Fir Bhi Badal Jata Hai
Dard Badhta Hi Jata Hai 
Kitrna Bhi Samjha Lu Dil Ae Nadan Ko
Ye Dard Ki Rah Pr Chalta Hi Jata Hai
Dard Ek Naya Mila Mujhe
Usne Is Kadar Chua Mujhe
Parchayi Bhi Sath Chodh Gayi
Usne Zakham Aisa Diya Mujhe

Dear Ex Quotes

Dear Ex,
Yaadein Teri tarpati hai
Tasveere Teri rulati hai….
Kuch Maa ke ladle breakup ke baad tut jaate hai
Aur hum Jaison main “UPSC” clear Karne ki aag lag jati hai
Dear Ex
When You See Me
I Want You To Recognize What You Had, Regret What you’ve Lost
And Realise What You Are Not Getting Back
Dear Ex
I am Glad That I Had You As An Example Of What
Not To Look For In The Future
Dear Ex
You Are The Reason Why I Know I deserve
So Much Better.
Dear Ex
Don’t Come To Me, When I am Happy
Happy With Someone Else
Dear Ex
I Wish I Could Tell You, How Much I Hate You

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